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Fermentor upscale

We provide a comprehensive suite of services, serving as a one-stop shop for all aspects of fermentation-related projects. The journey of an innovative process, from laboratory to industrial scale, typically commences with process development aimed at enhancing product space-time yield and minimizing energy, water and material consumption, followed by optimization and scaling up for manufacturing. 

YDLabs’ technical team is led by our CTO, Dr. Moti Rebhun., who has a long mileage of precision and biomass fermentation experience in both process development and process optimization.

As a Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), YDLabs’ experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment facilitate seamless navigation through every fermentation phase. Our integrated and iterative approach allows us to tailor steps and phases to meet the specific objectives of each customer and project.
To manage risk and control costs effectively, creating a balance between the speed of scale-up and feasibility testing at the smallest possible scale is paramount. Early exposure to industrial conditions accelerates development, enabling rapid adjustments. Occasionally, returning to the laboratory on a smaller pilot scale, either to introduce a new strain or investigate a phenomenon following larger production runs, turns out to be the most efficient approach.

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Our guidelines

We evaluate the risks and safety aspects associated with chemical use prior to scaling up a process. This involves examining the compatibility of ingredients and process conditions with equipment, the environment, relevant permits, and legislation. Throughout the process development phase, we enhance the sustainability of the process, such as reducing water consumption, eliminating organic solvents, substituting hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives, and converting chemical steps into enzymatic ones.

Our mission is to create a product that meets quality expectations while minimizing production costs entails setting targets and refining the process until these goals and benchmarks are achieved.

Evaluating the resilience of the process during its operation on industrial equipment is crucial. Understanding the reproducibility of your process and its response to deviations or perturbations will enhance your preparedness for commercial production. A commercial setting, which lacks the same level of meticulous monitoring as a bench-scale process, requires process adaptation. Minimizing the failure rate is essential to enhance the economic feasibility of the process.

Feel free to reach out for any inquiries about our services. You can trust us that with our continuous growth, there is always something new happening at YDLabs…