Upstream Scale Up

We provide a comprehensive range of services, serving as a one-stop shop
for all aspects of fermentation-related projects.

The journey of an innovative process, from lab to industrial scale, typically commences with process development aimed at enhancing product space-time yield, and minimizing energy, water, and material consumption, followed by optimization and scaling up for manufacturing. 

Upstream Scale Up

We will transform your laboratory-scale process into an industrially viable, robust, and efficient process, extending up to 1000L scale. We provide scale-up service through our 80L, 300L & 1,000L fermenters, together with adjacent centrifuges, our ultrafiltration system, dryers, and analytics.
By the end of the process, other than the actual outcome, a thorough SOP enables our clients to move forward to demo/production scales.
Scale-up – everything you should know:

We verify the developed production process on a pilot scale using advanced industrial equipment. The equipment employed at this stage is indicative of both the subsequent demonstration scale and the eventual industrial scale. This validation enables the prediction of capacities, identification of workable process settings, and more effective scheduling for upcoming larger pilot production campaigns.

We manufacture initial kilogram quantities of an innovative product. These samples serve various purposes, including formulation and application testing, proof of concept for customers or investors, market scouting, and meeting requirements for quality control or regulatory approvals.

Utilizing modular, cutting-edge industrial equipment sourced from reliable manufacturers, we facilitate the scale-up process. Our comprehensive range includes alternative unit operations for every step, adaptable to different scales. Flexible units, instrumentation, and tools enable us to structure customized process lines with efficiency.

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