Tailored Fermentation Services to fit YOUR project!

YDLabs is an all-in-one fermentation pilot and R&D facility, offering a boost to any fermentation process, from Lab to Scale. Over 70 years of fermentation experience, specifically on Foodtech, allows us to provide not only a comprehensive range of services but also the highest quality.

Customized Fermentation Services to fit your project

YDLabs CDMO is a one-stop-shop fermentation pilot and R&D facility, offering a boost to any fermentation process in any scale, from Lab to Pilot.

With over 70 years of fermentation expertise with all sorts of microorganisms, particularly in the Foodtech and Agritech sector with Bacteria and Yeast, we offer a comprehensive suite of services with unparalleled quality.

Pilot Scale Manufacturing up to 1000L

Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and a highly experienced technical team, YDLabs is the ideal space for developing, optimizing and scaling up your fermentation process. Our scale-up service encompasses 80L, 300L & 1,000L fermenters, coupled with adjacent centrifuges, filtration systems, homogenizers, dryers and other DSP equipment, and complementary analytics solutions.


More than just a service provider - a partner.

Throughout your entire process, we are dedicated to supporting and ensuring your success.
As a dynamic partner, we stand ready to evolve with you at every stage. Our flexibility ensures seamless alignment with your current needs.

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Moti Rebhun, PhD

With decades of experience, Dr. Moti Rebhun leads our technical team, bringing expertise in precision and biomass fermentation, specializing in process development and optimization.

Michael Spevak, M.Sc.

Heading our Downstream department, Michael Spevak is an accomplished manufacturing , with proven track record in the veterinary and biopharmaceutical industries.

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