Question and Answers

I am interested in your services, what’s next?

That’s fantastic! Our commercial team is ready to guide you through our process. Please contact us Let’s talk to initiate the process. Afterwards, we’ll schedule an introductory meeting, sign a mutual NDA, and dive into the details of fermentation.

Our pricing model is flexible and tailored to each project’s needs. We consider fermentor volumes, process duration, and relevant materials to provide a fair and achievable quotation.

Not a problem at all! We work with clients worldwide. For remote clients, weekly virtual meetings with our technical team are arranged. The initial phase involves technology transfer from your labs to ours, ensuring a seamless transition and effective collaboration. In addition, fermentation data is available online in real time, so you can see your process from wherever you are.

We offer a comprehensive suit of services, serving as a one-stop shop for all aspects of fermentation-related projects. From process development and optimization to upstream and downstream processing, we cover the entire journey from laboratory to industrial scale. Explore more on What We Offer.

Absolutely! We partner with promising bio-process technology companies, specializing in fermentation optimization using leveraging AI-derived capabilities. This enhances our service offerings and keeps us at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our USP capabilities include scale-up services with 80L, 300L, and 1,000L fermenters, complemented by centrifuges, ultrafiltration systems, dryers, and analytics. Explore more on our Process Development, Process Optimization, and Upstream Scale-up pages.

Led by Michael Spevak, our Downstream department ensures maximum efficiency of your fermentation process. With the necessary equipment for product recovery and purification. Learn more on our Downstream Processing page.

While we specialize in fermentation, we collaborate with top partners for complementary services like strain development, AI-derived optimization, safety, fermentation products testing, and more.

We strictly adhere to a policy of non-involvement in our clients’ intellectual property. We are service providers committed to respecting your rights. We provide the service – the IP stays with you.

We maintain a strict policy of non-involvement in our clients’ equity and royalties.

Ensuring the utmost confidentiality is a top priority for us. We take a comprehensive approach to safeguarding sensitive information, beginning starting with from the initiation of any technical discussions. Prior to delving into project details, we strictly adhere to a robust confidentiality framework, by facilitating the signing of a legally binding Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA). This agreement establishes a secure foundation, outlining the terms and conditions that govern the protection of proprietary information exchanged during the collaboration. We separate each project from another in every matter.

Furthermore, our fermentation laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to reinforce the security of your data. Each lab features dedicated Wi-Fi and digital equipment tailored to support secure remote work. These measures are implemented in order to create a confidential and protected environment, allowing for seamless collaboration without compromising the integrity of proprietary information. We prioritize the trust and confidentiality of our partners, ensuring a secure and conducive setting for collaborative efforts.

Feel free to reach out for any inquiries about our services. You can trust us that with continuous growth, there is always something new happening at YDLabs.