Process Optimization

We provide a comprehensive suite of services, serving as a one-stop shop
for all aspects of fermentation-related projects.

The journey of an innovative process, from laboratory to industrial scale, typically commences with process development to enhancing product space-time yield, and minimizing energy, water, and material consumption, followed by optimization and scaling up for manufacturing. 

Process Optimization

We believe in the potential for optimization in every process. Whether you are a start-up fine-tuning your entire process or a part of it, a large company, or a corporation, the refinement of your processes is a critical step that warrants engaging with expert professionals. Our dedicated team specializes in optimizing processes across various

We improve process efficiency by simplifying procedures, reducing purification steps, enhancing robustness to minimize failure rates, and selecting the most favorable route based on pilot-scale measurements and cost analysis. Cost reduction strategies involve eliminating high-cost, resource-intensive unit operations and replacing them with state-of-the-art, efficient equipment or existing units at the industrial site.

We enhance simplicity and robustness by optimizing ingredient costs and reducing water, energy, and material consumption. Through extensive testing of processing strategies, ingredients, materials, and operating parameters, we compare alternative process routes.

  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Low TRL – For processes at an initial level (low TRL), we conduct fermentation and downstream process (DSP) development, screen medium compositions, test feed and aeration strategies, and explore various unit operations.

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