Process Development

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for all aspects of fermentation-related projects.

The journey of an innovative process, from lab to industrial scale, typically commences with process development aimed at enhancing product space-time yield, and minimizing energy, water, and material consumption, followed by optimization and scaling up for manufacturing. 

Process Development

A streamlined and cost-effective process is fundamental for every successful project. Selecting the right process is a crucial initial step that significantly influences the success of your project. Throughout the Process Development phase, a careful review of the process is conducted, both upstream and downstream. The protocol undergoes optimization to enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability, facilitating scalability while reducing overall production costs. This phase prepares both the process and product for scale-up, ultimately positioning them for industrial application and commercialization.

The initial phase of every project involves the transfer of technology from the client’s laboratories to our center. Technology transfer serves various purposes, including replicating the process at our facility, training our personnel, familiarizing ourselves with the process and product, and implementing and comparing analytical methods.

During this phase, we enhance simplicity and robustness by optimizing ingredient costs and reducing water, energy, and material consumption. Through extensive testing of processing strategies, ingredients, materials, and operating parameters, we compare alternative process routes. For processes at an initial level (low TRL), we conduct fermentation and downstream process (DSP) development, screen medium compositions, test feed and aeration strategies, and explore various unit operations.

Following process development and the identification of the most promising recipe and process route, the feasibility and scalability of the process are assessed using small yet indicative equipment. This phase helps mitigate the risk of a unit operation failure at a larger and more costly scale.

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